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Residential and Commercial Property in住宅和商业房地产 SIngapore
Completed Projects
The Inn at Temple Street
Singapore's heritage hotel. occupying 5 beautifully restored shophouses along Temple Street.登宝客栈是新加坡的传统酒店,在登婆街拥有五间翻新的商铺。
The Domain
Situated in the eastern part of the island of Singapore, Domain Centre (The Domain) is a freehold commercial and residential development in the bustling Siglap area.东美中心位于新加坡东部,座落在一处繁华实乞纳区的永久产权的住宅用地。
Ibis Styles Singapore on Macpherson and Macpherson Mall
Macpherson Mall, also known as M2 (M Square), is set to be the hottest upcoming freehold mixed use development consisting of a shopping mall and hotel.麦波申商城又称M2(M广场),设计目标是成为未来炙手可热的购物与酒店多用途开发地产。
One Dusun Residences
ODR boasts 154 residential units and stands at 29 storeys tall. All apartments are located above the 7th floor, while the infinity pool, facilities deck and activity pavilions are sited on the 7th floor, enabling he entire development to tower above its neighbours.壹豪苑共有29层,154套住宅,其中公寓均位于大厦的7层以上,无边泳池、设施服务和活动场馆位于7层,这使得整个大厦的发展远出周围其他建筑之上。
Katong Plaza
Located along Brooke Road and approximately 8.5km to the east of the city centre. 加东广场位于布鲁克路,距离市中心以东约8.5公里。
Residential and Commercial Property in住宅和商业房地产 Australia
Completed Projects
One Dixon, Sydney
At the gateway to Sydney's Chinatown, One DIXON is a retail complex boasting its own Sydney Monorail station at the top level of the building. 在悉尼唐人街的门户,帝城壹号购物中心拥有直通悉尼单轨的“唐人街站”。
Harbour Garden Towers, Sydney
With Number One D1XON taking up the podium levels, Harbour Garden Towers, rises above it like a shining beacon over the Darling Harbour. 海港花园大厦位于帝城壹号之上,是达令港一座耀眼的灯塔。
Residential and Commercial Property in住宅和商业房地产 China
Current Projects
Beicheng, Tianjin
ALPHA 1- chief base is an industrial project which is constructed and managed by Lian Huat Group’s subsidiary -Tianjin Lian Huat Eco- Park Development. The project is locate in Tianjin, Beicheng District’s Port Logistics Equipment Industrial Park land, it is situated at the northeast side of the city centre, and is a short distance to the Binhai new district. The project is within the Beijing-Tianjin corridor area, it’s at the hub of Beijing, Tianjin and the Binhai new district of regional economic cooperation. It stands on a high locational advantage.目前,联发集团在津投资天津陆路港物流装备产业园的绿色环保产业项目-“ALPHA 1-首席基地”。该项目坐落于天津市北辰区西堤头镇,陆路港物流装备产业园区范围内,规划总用地面积为84757.9 平方米,可用地面积为66666.7 平方米(约合100 亩)。
Completed Projects
The Centro, Tianjin
Our latest project led us to the shores of the fast-developing Tianjin in China and marks our first business venture in the Chinese property development market. Centro is a 25-storey complex with five floors of commercial and retail suites and 20 floors of luxurious residential apartments. It is located amongst the most prestigious south of Wujiayao Ave in the Hexi District of Tianjin. 我们最新项目为我们在今日中国快速发展支柱的天津标志着在中国房地产开发的第一次尝试。中央公馆是一座25层楼高的豪华商场和公寓的项目。此项目座落于天津河西区吴家窑大街的商业中心区域。