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Beicheng, Tianjin

ALPHA 1- chief base is an industrial project which is constructed and managed by Lian Huat Group’s subsidiary -Tianjin Lian Huat Eco- Park Development. The project is locate in Tianjin, Beicheng District’s Port Logistics Equipment Industrial Park land, it is situated at the northeast side of the city centre, and is a short distance to the Binhai new district. The project is within the Beijing-Tianjin corridor area, it’s at the hub of Beijing, Tianjin and the Binhai new district of regional economic cooperation. It stands on a high locational advantage. This project’s concept is “Adore Living & Playing in a Harmonized Artform”, it’s a description for both the life style (attitude) and it’s urban environment. In order to win the sustainable development, we pay great attention to eco-friendly developing. The total construction area is about 80,000 square meters. Project type: R & D centers and corporate headquarters. Visuals of the Architecture style: Tianjin Beicheng Port Logistics Equipment Industrial Park land.